CS:GO moments that are actually funny

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28 thoughts on “CS:GO moments that are actually funny

  1. Anyone gonna comment on
    "The 92 cent store is having a sale on shoes" like i get its a porn but still
    A who would trust shoes from a 92 cent store
    B who would trust shoes on SALE at a 92 cent store

  2. Hey fellas can anyone tell me there was one vid. Of Fitz where xvideos ads plays
    Ad: are you alone?
    Fitz: No I'm with the boys( bunch of people in background)
    If anyone of u know drop video link please 🙏🙏

  3. I can’t thank the misfits enough I’m going through a break up of the girl I was with for 5 years and I’ve been watching you guys non stop today and you have kept a smile on my face almost all day keep up the amazing videos you help your fans in more ways then you know

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