Scientists Pull RNA from a 14,000 Year-Old Wolf | SciShow News

This week in news, a discovery in genetics that was once thought unbelievable, and a parrot so large that it shakes up what we know about avian evolution.

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26 thoughts on “Scientists Pull RNA from a 14,000 Year-Old Wolf | SciShow News

  1. I appreciate when you said, this is speculation, but I would really be impressed if you added a few more of the assumptions in your report. Then in five years these videos would have far more value and possibly not make us appear a little overconfident in our understanding of the world.

  2. Yep…here in NZ I do believe our only indigenous mammal is a small Bat that seems to be regressing back through evolution as it forages on the forest floor for Earth Worms and Weta…there are no real predators here .

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