Minion My Talking Budgie First Words

I’m very proud of my bird. I had not bought him to be a pet. I bought him to be a breeder but he became a pet and a good one at that. I had not expected to have …

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4 thoughts on “Minion My Talking Budgie First Words

  1. Ah, this is so cool! I'm happy he's turned out to be such a great pet and quite the talker. So many of his phrases made me laugh. I loved "feeeaaar! the budgie" It looks like he's getting along with Nautica.

  2. He's a great talker. I'll probably watch this video several times to see what I can hear that wasn't captioned. Have you figured out any favorite words of his yet? Rudy's favorite word was bird. I'm not sure what Nigel's favorite word was or what Izzy's is. I think Izzy's favorite word might be budgie.

  3. I loved this! Many of his phrases are so clear. I always found it amusing how the budgies you train join words together to make new phrases. Some of them come out so funny.
    Cute video and a joy to watch.

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