Parrot Anafi Customer Service Review 2019 : Own an Anafi? You NEED to See This!

Parrot Anafi Customer Service Review 2019 : Own an Anafi? You NEED to See This! Recently I’ve published reviews of the …

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31 thoughts on “Parrot Anafi Customer Service Review 2019 : Own an Anafi? You NEED to See This!

  1. I can see why you'd be exasperated after that exchange with Parrot – they do seem to have trouble keeping track of anything you report to them and their own replies! Must be really expensive for them to be so inefficient. I have mixed experience too – however my main advice to anyone would be CALL THEM rather than only relying on email correspondence. They can be much more helpful and quick to deal with things on the phone, whereas emails seem to take days or weeks to be replied to. Maybe because I bought my Anafi from a UK online retailer, not from Parrot directly, I had better luck getting my Anafi replaced (faulty gimbal when it was about 5 weeks old). Parrot had to provide the RMA info, but the drone had to be posted to the retailer, and the retailer posted me a new one. Overall it wasn't a terrible CS experience but they do need to be chased up which is tedious.

  2. I'm probably one of the few who is really happy with the Parrot cheap SD card holder. It is much faster to operate than the ordinary ones seen everywhere. Although I have had my SD card out at least 250 times, the gate never fell off for me. However, I have put one in place for a friend.

    You push the gate back with your thumb, put a flat hand under the "butt" of Anafi and raise her up so the front faces the sky and then the SD card lies in your hand. Nothing about the SD card being shot out as one regular SD card holder and lying down on the ground/grass somewhere. Conversely, place the SD card in the bottom of the card holder so that you can feel it is layen correctly with your thumb, close the gate and push it forward. Do not try to try and lift the gate with a nail or screwdriver as you do on the video then it may go wrong.

    And around the repairs you could do it yourself in under 5 minutes Jeff. It is just to press the lid back into place in the two flap in the long holes on the bottom part. Finished work.

    And Parrot's service is ok but slow here in Europe.

  3. Parrot has the worse customer service I have ever seen. I spent 3 months with the back and forth emails and phone calls as to where my replacement was. I had the RMA sticker to send in what was left of my Anafi very shorty it was approved for replacement. Sent it back that very same day. 3 days later it arrived at Parrot. Every week I asked where my replacement was and they kept stalling me. Later they said they do not ship to Canada any more and I would have to have a mailing address in the US if I wanted my Anafi back. This went on for 3 months until I finally gave up and found someone in the US that would ship it to me in Canada. That ended up costing me 72 US dollars for shipping. Parrot is a joke as far as CS. My advice is stay far away from them.

  4. The video shows how you pull the card holder to the wrong side effectively ripping it off. There are very obvious symbols printed on the device that show which direction to move the card holder to lock / unlock it. These are white prints of a closed and an open padlock on black plastic – really hard not to notice.
    So it was with no doubt your fault that it broke. I seriously wonder how you ever managed to handle cell phones without damaging them. You should be happy that they replaced the drone and you got away so cheaply.

  5. Good Morning! Excellent video, let's move on to the next challenge, thanks for sharing with us … Best regards … What's new on my channel? I posted a new video with Mavic Air and Anafi flying together, which one is the best? … you are always welcome !!!

  6. Thanks for the info. CUSTOMER service should be the number one concern of any company regardless of the quality, price or claims being made.
    The majority of companies WANT MONEY IN HAND" THEN SCREW YOU. Sounds just like DJI. They denied my claim because I was in sport mode and said i should be careful. The logs showed the MPH @ 10 MPH when it crashed.
    The companies that JERK YOUR CHAIN like this, should be rewarded by NEVER EVER doing business with them again. WHEN THE $$$$ DISAPPEARS THEY WILL START DOING THEIR JOBS.

  7. I found the Parrot support to be incredibly helpful…granted I wasn't making a claim but they were VERY helpful in answering all my questions. I live person answered my call within a rings and spent 30 minutes with me. Very happy.

  8. How many extra batteries do you have. Are you willing to sell any of them separately from the drone? I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Anafi…sold my Mavic Air and I never looked back.

  9. Hi Jeff. So I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I purchased an Anafi as I wanted to get away from DJI and try other products. I absolutely love my little Anafi and wanted to fly it more but only having one battery was a problem. I’d just get into the swing of things and the battery was flat, hence the need for more batteries. I looked everywhere for batteries and can not find them over here. I eventually contacted Parrot and was told they would not send batteries to my location. I threatened to return the drone but they weren’t too bothered with my threat, besides I really like this drone and don’t want to return it.

    They did mention to me that batteries are available on Amazon from China, ect. I eventually ordered one which was lost in the post, I must also say that I paid a small fortune for this China made Anafi battery. Yes, I was refunded. I found yet another ‘supplier’ in China and I am still waiting for the battery to arrive. What amazes me is that Parrot is okay with me using a non-genuine battery for their drone. What happens if there is a warranty claim, not that there is any Parrot repair centre here either. In fact it was them that told me to follow this route in order to get more batteries. I am really dumbfounded by this.

    Other than that, it’s a great quad but 3 months on, I’ve still not resolved my battery issues. Not good Parrot!

  10. Jeff do you remember, when I had a problem with my Bebop2, Parrot sent me a new drone, with a set of Parrot tools, a new battery and 4 new motors. The only thing is my issue only took about 3 weeks. And then Parrot a full tech support here in the US. Since then thy did shutdown the US office. The thing me is I to the point I don't trust none of them. I try fix it my self or find a local support right here in Dallas. For all my needs.

  11. Is it not against the law to not have a US based warranty service center ( aka repair) when selling products in the US ? .. seems to me other companies have had very bad experiences in court because of this very issue and further considering the amount of work they are doing for the DOD they may wish to rethink their collective method's of US based support ??

  12. I also own a parrot anafi. Although it does not go the specified distance the camera is amazing. Now to repairs on parrot products, the anafi and other parrot products are made to be user repaired. All parts are plug and play motors boards etc legs are all plug in. They sell the kit along with repair instructions. They have no interest in doing any repairs whatsoever. All done with a screwdriver. I think you were extremely lucky that they issued you a new drone. Probably only due to your persistence. I have the repair manual for it as they publish it on their website. I also repair drones. They consider this a self repair item. Consider yourself lucky. Everyone breaks that gate and they know it. It was designed to be repaired by individuals by taking it out of hole when main board is released.

  13. Interesting Parrot Customer Service seemed confused a tad weird.
    Bizarre zero Official Parrot service Center in US .
    Hmmm for the sake of a busted fragile SD card holder.
    Outcome replacement Anafi perfect although not exactly economic for Parrot and what do they do with the old Drone … landfill ( Hope Not )*!@??
    Anafi a superb Drone with unique features and being 4k well for the price hard to match **

  14. Ok you had a bad experience… it happens. I bought my parrot used and they replaced mine without receipt with a new unit that came in less than a week. So, it might all depends on who you get. Also, these drones are easy to fix they put out an video basically replacing all the parts. Also, I seen a review warning everyone not buy autel because he had to replace his drone multiple times in his year warranty, so it depends some have good experience some shitty that doesn't mean the company is trash.

  15. In this episode I'm going to talk about Parrot's customer service and in-warranty support for an Anafi that had its media card gate break off . . . which is one of the things I criticized the drone for in a recent review.

    In my review I told you there were great things about the Anafi and really bad things about the Anafi. The same holds true for Parrot's customer service. You won't believe how how my customer service journey went. Watch and find out.

    If you own an Anafi you NEED to watch this . . .

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