Enjoying Sorbet after Dinner- Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot

Einstein’s first taste of PomegranateAcaiBlueberry Sorbet. This was just a taste and not part of his normal diet. Sorbet contains no milk. Never give a parrot ice …

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20 thoughts on “Enjoying Sorbet after Dinner- Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot

  1. Oh Einstein, you glorious boy…I have missed u! To explain, I spent a wk in no wifi land & could only watch things I had watched already..not that it was bad…just made me want to see new things. Since I recently "subscribed to u," I'M watching everything! Bird after my heart with any flavor of sorbet! Go Einstein!!

  2. i could forgive this angel anything ged has just texted to say hes chuffed with your reply einstein i got him to comment as hes a bit shy i said dont b scared hes chuffed as mintballs another uk saying lol xx

  3. Birds are not like other animals. Like dogs or cats. They have very independent thoughts. So if you spray her she won't stop biting she will continue and possibly bite harder. Never EVER hit or ray

  4. I like how she savors it and eats it slowly to make it last longer and actually enjoy it and taste it. My cag, Coda, just sucks it up in a couple of lick/bites and thinks he should have more cause he doesn't know where/what happened to his. He's a PIG.

  5. @litlrich Aww just give her some time. If you only got her a few days ago, she probably needs time to adjust to her new home and surroundings. She's just not comfortable yet. Stop spraying her; you want her to trust you and warm up to you before you scold her. You might try telling her "NO" loudly when she bites. She's probably very stressed out. Be as gentle as you can.

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