Hello my parrot lovers!! Here in California, we have had two large earthquakes within days! Right here in Los Angeles California where we live specifically we …

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  1. A tip I saw in an article (can't find it) was to use a pillow case to grab your bird. Yes, you might get bit but you can tie it up (Make sure it's breathable). It will contain your bird until you can put them in a travel cage. It's also good, if you have multiple birds to have different colored pillow cases for each bird. Hope this helps!

  2. When I went to Los Angeles a few days ago I felt the hotel I was staying in just shake, i thought it was just something vibrating below me, then it got worse, and I looked out the window an I saw the statue in the plaza start rocking back and forth, turns out it was an after shock from a 6.1 or 5.1, it was over 100 miles away and got to los angeles in 6 minutes

  3. Do they make stickers for house windows like they do for babies and dogs to alert emergency personnel?? Also, would it be good to designate eg. your brother to alert emergency personnel and push someone to check on/ rescue your birds eg if you and George are in the hospital?

  4. Hi! I am a new subscriber and I have been loving all your videos! Can anyone let me know as to why Jersey doesn’t have feathers on his body? I’m just curious and I want to feel a part of knowing everything about the birds like all you long time subscribers. Sending lots of love from Arizona❤️

  5. Oh Genna, Beautiful presentation, demo, facts, and great tips! Really enjoy your videos! 💕💕 And Rocky looks so cute hanging out on his stand 🥰 I love him puffed up
    Vinny you are hilarious. You should have an online course for people to learn how to have a personality and your own book

  6. I'm sorry I made a mistake. I forgot we did have a earthquake a few years ago. We didn't feel it. I am ready for Tornados, flooding and storms. You always have a traveling pens sitting around.

  7. If an earthquake begins, it may not be a bad idea to go ahead and start putting your birds in their travel carriers and put them all under a strong and sturdy table and hide under it with them so you can talk to them and keep them calm. Maybe have a cooler with food and water under the table as well. Don't forget the dogs and cats! Good luck! And hopefully you don't have any earthquakes! Also have a sign in the window that tells how many people and how many/what kind of animals live there.

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