The Best Rants and Protests – Big Fat Quiz Of The Year | Dead Parrot

Our favourite rants protests and arguments from Big fat Quiz of the year. Subscribe to the Big Fat Quiz Channel for weekly clips – Subscribe …

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34 thoughts on “The Best Rants and Protests – Big Fat Quiz Of The Year | Dead Parrot

  1. Russel and Noel are always fantastic together, but that one quiz of everything they did is my personal favourite bfq episode! The whole lineup was solid gold

  2. Wow, the best part of every video truly is scrolling down into the comments to continue the positivity and humour and then having to read all about how important it seems to be to people to tell everyone that they don't find some comedian funny. And therefore they obviously shouldn't ever be on any show. Truly the end all be all of discourse. The entertainment doesn't stop. Seriously, what is your problem? Why do you think people are interested? And why did you decide to watch the damn video?

  3. It's odd how David Williams has made one of the worst (known) British comedies of all time, yet always seems very smart and is even an incredibly popular author of children's books. Personal smartness and taste and low ability are not mutually exclusive (otherwise no-one would be able to judge anything, except for literal "geniuses"), but it is baffling if the ability is kind of "there" but just way off…

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