MY SNIFFERS!! How lovely would it be if I could get all my pets in one photo? Well I tired and here are the results….can we say gone wrong! I aimed for all 9 of …

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21 thoughts on “I FAILED BIG TIME!

  1. In case anybody doesnt know this one of the best ways to help animals is to donate to kill shelters all shelters monitized by the government have to euthinize animals for various reasons but if you donate whatever you can or volenteer or foster animals from kill shelters you actually make it to where less animals have to get euthinised boycotting kill shelters doesnt benifit really anyone cuz the government is gonna have enough money to fund those shelters for a long time

  2. Kill shelters aren't really all that bad. Just thought to add that in. To not have kill shelters we have to make a change among people so animals aren't overbred or abandoned. The shelters are the effect of this.

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