Funny Parrots Doing Funny Stuff 2019

Funny Parrots Doing Funny Stuff 2019 You will see the most adorable and cutest parrots including cockatoos, cockatiels, lovebirds. They’re playing, dancing, …

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21 thoughts on “Funny Parrots Doing Funny Stuff 2019

  1. someone please help! I have a lovebird a male and I want to buy a female for him because hes really horny and masturbating a lot in his cage…
    but the last time I bought a female for him he attacked her.. because of that I brought her back to the animal shop.
    I first put her in his cage but after he attacked her I put another cage next to it and kept them sepperate. the same thing happened after a week or 2. after that I brought her back.

    how can I make sure the next female will be loved by him??

  2. I know and love parrots but this hardly makes me smile….literally one out of the five to six clips you compile illustrates a unique trait of the breeds…appreciate your vids but please really to try to show the birds goofy iniquity…that's why we love them…to many people, these mischiefs are annoying and your vids exemplify that…please find the vids that really show them as incredibly awesome pets.

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