DON’T buy a Macaw!!! Unless… || Mikey The Macaw

Don’t buy a macaw!! Unless”, is a video we felt we had to make which shows some of the real things about owning a macaw or parrot that aren’t as cute or …

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41 thoughts on “DON’T buy a Macaw!!! Unless… || Mikey The Macaw

  1. what would be your opinion on a cat that has been with you a long time who is easily jealous sees a new pet like a macaw? how would you feel to apporch that idea? with high caution or bring someone in to tell you the pros and cons?

  2. I know I’m late to the party but can I just say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO! We need more videos like this. Just plain truth. I did a whole year of research before committing to buying a green cheek conure and research is so misleading because no one is as honest as you. Thank you so much! I love your content!

  3. He's beautiful and I love his colouring but I freely admit that owning a bird would not be for me. I'll stick with my dopey cat. Well done on how you and your missus are taking such good care of him though.

  4. I adopted a red grey parrot, she was lonely and had bad feathers, after a couple of month since i got her its my best friend and she has all her feathers back, those birds feel the love u gave them, give them love and room and they will reward you with kindness and funny talk 😉

  5. I don't doubt the time and care many put into these birds but IMO they should not be pets at all. They are clearly not domesticated and for me they belong in the wild. For current pets they cannot be released back into the wild but the pet trade should be banned for these birds.

  6. On clipping I have to say I really think where you live is a factor. Exotic birds are not meant for cold weather and if they accidentally get out even for a bit in a cold whether they can get really sick!

  7. A parrot like this is a looooooooong term commitment! You won't be even able to leave it alone for few days once you need to be off for some time. New people, new places … booooom and you got your parrot stressed out in a fraction of a second. I had African Gray for 10 years… Man, if you really want it, get one only when you settled down completely!

  8. I just walked out of my room and saw that there were two budgies in a cage next to the Christmas tree. I already know I ruined the surprise but it gave me a head start on researching how to care for these lovely creatures. I’ve wanted a parrot my whole life and it is a goal of mine to own a Parrot. Macaws are definitely something I’m considering, but I want to be more wealthy and be in a nice home before I decide to buy one so I can give it the best life I possibly can.

  9. My blue and gold, Pete, was a rescue 9 years ago…I’ve had birds my entire life so think of this… a blue and gold is a perpetual 3 year old. For 60+ years. And they bond to only one or two people only….macaws are NOT for most people. They NEED all of your time, literally, ALL of your time. They are amazing and majestic and wonderful but the cost, the mess, it’s everything…good luck…

  10. my husband had owned a cockatoo & didnt clip its wings…the bird flew away as someone opened a door it went into a tree & refused to come back im sure it died come winter..sometimes clipping their wings is for their own good

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