Chat time – Owning Pluto the Talking Quaker Parrot

Just a little introduction about owning Pluto with a little sing song at the end. Please leave any questions below that you would like us to try and answer next time …

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39 thoughts on “Chat time – Owning Pluto the Talking Quaker Parrot

  1. Just found your vid. I got a quaker last Summer, hand raised, was about 6mos old when I got it. It is like Pluto, not cuddly with me but loves to pull my blind that's next to his cage and wrap it around the cage and snuggle in, lol. I haven't had it sexed either but it named itself Baby Bird, lol. So Baby Bird loves to laugh, whistle and dance and says a few words but no sentences – yet. I am hoping he/she will talk more as he gets older. Ty for posting. I played the vid and he watched Pluto intently from beginning to end. lol

  2. We have a quaker just like Pluto named Kiwi who is playful and talkative, but loves to bite, just like I see Pluto doing in your video. The issue is that it hurts! How are you not reacting to that? I'm not sure how to convince mine to stop, or at least be a little more gentle. Any suggestions?

  3. Just have to tell you… About 7 years ago I decided I wanted to get a little parrot. I watched countless videos on YouTube, because I wanted to get the right breed for me. I came across your Pluto's video's. After watching his videos, there was no doubt what kind of parrot I was looking for. I found my Zoey and he has been the best little guy. Zoey and I would watch Pluto's videos together. Pluto was our rock star! At 7 years old his vocabulary is almost countless. I just want to thank you and Pluto for sharing his videos. I might not have the boy (I think he's a boy) I have, if it wasn't for Pluto! Thank you<3

  4. Hi!! I love watching Pluto, he is absolutely awesome. I was just wondering, if you will be making any new videos with Pluto. I really just love, the way you are with him, and interact with him. You can tell, he just loves you. So cool!!

  5. Hello Pluto it’s crystal and MR.P we love your videos and was wondering if you had a what to expect in your first year or Two video or maybe that would be a series of videos just want to be as prepared as we can

  6. I've had three Quakers over the years. All of them were female. (I know because I had them sexed via a DNA blood test).
    Not one of them ever laid an egg.
    That means that you simply can't assume the sex only because it never laid an egg.
    Cute video.
    (My Quaker also loves "Old MacDonald").

  7. I agree….. i have a blue Quaker, Buddy… he says Goodmorning only in the morning….night night only at night…bye bye when i pick up my keys.,.,hot when im cooking…stop it when im on my phone or not paying him attention…and he ONLY says thankyou when a service is provided!!!! Buddy also "counts" . just the same as Pluto…same head bobbing and all…. i love Pluto…he is gorgeous….

  8. Hi Pluto & Mom!! I'm sitting here at the hospital with my Uncle and found your video! I'm enjoying Every minute and am about to start watching more of your videos. I haven't been able to get home today to see my babies and I'm having severe withdrawals! One yr ago I adopted a green Quaker pair! My Jade is 9 and Coco is 3 and when I got them, they were terrified biters! They still bite some, but not like they did a yr ago. It's taken a lot of bandaids and witch hazel and vitamin d ointment, and patience, but we're getting there! They both require a lot of attention and they both want it at the same time…..NOW!! Jade is my cuddler. He could sleep on my chest in the covers for hours if I didn't need to move or Coco doesn't scream for him or stand on his head, lol😁 She stepped on him one day and he bit her toes 🤣🤣 sry, it was hilarious cuz she just couldn't seem to step in the right place once she stirred him up! 😂😂 I had to pick her up and move her to my shoulder. Omgosh, I could talk here for hours, Lol. I'm missing them terribly. I wish you and I could talk in person, lol. This is my 1st set of quaker parrots and sometimes its really difficult for me to tune my ear to their voices. I feel so bad because no matter how many times they say it, I just don't get it! I have a clip of them saying this one thing that they say and for the life of me I cannot understand what it is that they are saying and it's driving me madd! I will find a way to load the clip on my public playlist so it can be seen by others. Pluto is a beautiful Bird and reminds me of my Coco girl with his nibbling and busy lil self. I'm subbing and I look fwd to sharing time with you & your sweet boy Pluto! 🤘🤗⚜

  9. If you think he's clearly saying that he has to go potty, take him to go potty!! That's probably why he started nibbling on or near your ear and hurt you! You clearly don't know how to appropriately react to his comunications and needs.

  10. hi do you think its too late to learn at 4 years old? I rescued a 4 year old quaker. so far I've noticed that she laughs when i laugh and she knows what kisses are. shes so funny too! Ive been searching and searching for a video of an adult quaker. thank you!

  11. 8 months old. He doesn't talk yet.. How do I get mine to a similar stage to Pluto taking into account that they all have separate personalities? Olly is still a bit bitey, won't let me touch his head. Won't sit on my shoulder without biting my ears nearly off.Am I not handling him enough? He was hand reared so steps up well

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