Best Hotel EVER! Talking Parrot and Thrift Store!

Welcome back! I wanted to give you guys the experience of seeing the best hotel in Niagara falls Canada in my opinion. I truly believe that this is the best hotel in …

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43 thoughts on “Best Hotel EVER! Talking Parrot and Thrift Store!

  1. dude …my wife and i had that room or exact same one on our 25th anniversary ..2015…went on a long weekend in summer time…paid like $700 per night…the damn hot tub…i turned on the taps and it sounded like the pipes were going to burst through the wall…plus when we arrived they talked us into taking that type room for $80/night more for the fireworks…and of course they ended up cancelling the fireworks due to wind…not impressed at all …never going back to Niagara falls…

  2. I’m in Oregon in an almost identical suite on the Columbia River. I was surprised at how many fireworks they shot off here at midnight. I’m glad I was inside since it was 29 degrees outside. Happy New Years to you all!!

  3. Thanks for the different video…. that was the most awesome cat – love that it paws out water to drink……. Macaw is beautiful…. but should be in the wild…… not bad hotel…. but the view makes it worth every cent… Happy New Year guys…. wishing you and you families all the best for this year… cant wait for the New Year dumpster dives and storage unit finds….take care

  4. Last time I was near a Blue and Gold Macaw the owner said the same thing, he won't bite, right before he bit the shit out of my finger. They can bite a finger off so I consider myself lucky. African Greys are pretty tame if they're hand raised from just after birth.

  5. That's awesome, this was a good video, but I would have been afraid of papi, he was huge, thanks so much for sharing this with me (US) happy 2019guys🎆🎊🎉🎈 🎈🎊🎉 🎈🎈 🎈✝👍💋💋 💋💗

  6. That was an awesome looking pet store, I wish there were pet stores like that in Texas. I also love your snowflake shirt Steven I wish I could find a shirt like that to buy cause its freaking awesome 🙂

  7. Happy New Year!! I would of tried to buy Papi and bring him home. Great views in that Hotel. What was the name of the Hotel? You guys have a great night and we'll see y'all tomorrow.

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