Would You Rather Own A Gecko Or A Parrot? | Pets 101

Think you’ve got what it takes to own a gecko or a parrot? Find out what makes these great pets so special, and find out the best ways to look after and care for …

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24 thoughts on “Would You Rather Own A Gecko Or A Parrot? | Pets 101

  1. I have a leopard gecko and he's such a joy to have! We actually rescued him after being abandoned by two different families and I can happily say he's happy to have found his forever family. It's almost been 6 months now and he's definitely happy! Check out the channel Leopard Gecko if you're interested in getting one; she really knows her stuff!
    Just remember; yes, there are plenty of "mandatory" things to keep in mind, but you also need to have your gecko specifically in mind too. My gecko prefers his warm side at 85°F, 90 is too hot. He only eats crickets, no meal or wax worms.
    By the way, leopard geckos don't bask or need a basking spot or light; they don't like much light. A UVB bulb is one thing as it provides vitamin D3 which is crucial in calcium absorption but that should only be on 6-8 hours a day.
    Geckos also need a variety of texture and places they can climb and hide (at least 2 minimum) for enrichment and exercise. They also need low humidity or they can get an upper respiratory infection which can be fatal.
    Always do your research before getting any animal!

  2. Gotta see more of the pets, including the "Animal Helpers" like the duck and the miniature horse, the "Backyard Neighbors" like the raccoon and the deer and the "So Creepy, They're Cute" pets like the rats and the python.

  3. I had a parrot, had to give him away after 5 years. He was driving the neighbors crazy, he was very loud. They have this thing called the flock call. They scream really loudly, and don't stop until you show up. You can try really hard to train him to stop, but it never works 100%. They demand A LOT of attention and they poop everywhere, make a huge mess, a lot of dust, they scream, destroy things… it was a very demanding pet, more than a dog. I miss my little buddy but I will never have another parrot again, because of how loud they are.

  4. It have to be out of these two choices would be gecko bc i couldnt have a 2 to 3 year old for 50 to 80 years. Birds need a lot of attention and time. They are also super destructive they will chew up anything they can get their beak on.

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