Who Knew Pet Parrots Could Do THIS?

My daughter Capri, ever since working with ChiChi the caique, has taken a special interest in flight training/recall training and conditioning our galahs Bondi and …

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40 thoughts on “Who Knew Pet Parrots Could Do THIS?

  1. I just came to visit your channel accudently wow what a nice channel to show about parrots .i too longed to have parrot but in our country we cant breed parrot in home so i bought roosters 🤗

  2. Let me just say…Capri is living my childhood dream ahah!! 🙂 I've always wanted a parrot of my own but since my family has no experience with them I'm so happy I waited the end of highschool to get my cockatiel, now that I really understand what it means to take care of a living being. I hope one day when I'll have children I will be able to teach them respect for animals so well as you did with Capri

  3. Obviously children will behave in a certain way if this earns them praise and acceptance from adults. Doesn't necessarily mean it is what they need or what they want to do for the rest of their lives. But I am sure Capri has two wonderful parents that know what is good for her and manage to find the right balance.

  4. Great video! All of you look like you had a lot of fun. And Capri… I can't get over how fast she is changing, growing up. I love seeing her with your birds. You have a lot to be proud of there. =O )

  5. This might be kind of random, but while looking at Christmas ornaments I found glass macaws, budgies, cockatiels, white doves, and tucans. Some were from old world Christmas, a macaw that looked just like a camalot from golden bell collection, and the tucans were at Walmart.

  6. Every time I watch your videos I think about finding a very wide place to free fly my amazon parrot next spring, but I live in Roma!😅 means no mountains no desert landscapes, just countryside 30-45 minutes by car from where I live 🙄

  7. Arrrgh, I want Tango to fly with the other birds so much! However, I absolutely understand that it's not yet the right time. I truly hope Ashlyn & David keep up the good work, stay patient, & find their groove both with Tango, as well as with one another. It'll be SO worth it!

  8. You're daughter really did seem so excited. I bet she's going to grow up and be an excellent bird trainer like you some day! I've always thought flight training was amazing, and I want to learn how to do flight training, and flight train my bird.

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