Red Parrot Fish Tank Mates

1 soft shell, 1 jardini, 1 black ghost knife, 1 pike, 1 bichir, 1 flag tail, 1 red jewel, 1 pleco, 2 angels, 2 silver dollers, 2 clown loaches, 3 pangasius, 4 red parrots, …

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24 thoughts on “Red Parrot Fish Tank Mates

  1. I live this! I was trying to find info on if I could keep a couple of blood parrots with my black ghost knife a rope fish and this vid popped up. I feel pretty confident that they will be fine. Thank you

  2. some people are so stupid just because you cant do something it doesn't mean others can't. he knows what's he doing thats his money and fishes so just watch it and enjoy. well done mate good job.

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