Pixel the parakeet speaks to a human!

You can hear him saying a few things in this video, mostly in the first 30 seconds. – Alexa – Ring ring sound (like a phone) – Good bird – Hey Siri, tell me [about] …

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23 thoughts on “Pixel the parakeet speaks to a human!

  1. Omg my Parakeet does this to My hand/fingers too!
    I Read that the Male Budgies are Typically the only ones to do that head bobbing. Does that mean mine's a Boy?? He Really Acts like a boy. But he's still pretty Young. His Cere is Blue, but it's like a Lighter blue. With light pink Rings around the Nostrils.
    Very cute video of Pixel Btw! 😀 I have a short vid of My Budgie watching one of Ur videos on my Channel.

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