Parrot Wizard Thanksgiving Day Livestream

Watch the Parrot Wizard Livestream Q&A session recorded on Thanksgiving Day 2018 answering lots of viewer questions on an assortment of topics. Browse …

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5 thoughts on “Parrot Wizard Thanksgiving Day Livestream

  1. I love how you say quality & not quantity & it doesn't mind which size of bird….. Rather my macaws, golden conure, African Congo Grey, hahns mini macaw, alexanderine, & plum headed parakeet all are different sizes & they are all my family's not just mine…. I couldn't do it by myself but they all need equal attention. I feel like people think the smaller the bird the less attention required, training, ect, & they all need lots of interaction & enrichment. Well done on everything as usual. I love those training perches for all my birds esp flight training & harnesses are fantastic!

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