Parrot Definitions – What is a Parrot?

Parrot Definitions, a Parrot Wizard series explaining typical parrot terminology. Today we start with the most basic definition, what is a parrot? It may sound a bit …

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18 thoughts on “Parrot Definitions – What is a Parrot?

  1. You mention the feet, 2 back & 2 front toes…don’t all birds have that? I own 3 birds and have done tons of research for 20 yrs and never once considered the feet may be different. I’ll obviously head to google to learn now but would love to hear what you have to say as I come to your channel first to learn about birds.

  2. I see peach faced love birds in your video, and about a dozen outside on my feeder. They seem to thrive in the desert climate here in Mesa AZ. I know I don’t have the time to properly keep a Parrot as a pet, but I enjoy watching them at my feeder.

  3. I have a question. My cockatoo loves my brother, a little bit too much i think. He rubs his butt on my brother’s hand and i think it’s humping i’m not so sure. I wanted to ask the vet last week but i forgot. Is it bad? My parrot also gets really agressive towards others when my brother’s around otherwise he’s a very sweet bird and does no harm. It seems like he sees my brother as his mate which is probably not good for the rest of our family and other people in general it makes it very hard to handle the bird when my brother is around cuz he’ll literally attack you. I’ve told my brother to stop letting him do that and he’s just convinced that he does it cuz his butt is itchy idfk where he gets that from but what should i do lmao like i’m literally so lost i don’t know what to do cuz i don’t want this to continue

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