My Bird’s New Mansion Cage | Vlog #320

Click here to SUBSCRIBE: As an early Christmas gift, my young #AfricanGrey #parrot Ligaya gets a brand new, massive cage. It is better …

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40 thoughts on “My Bird’s New Mansion Cage | Vlog #320

  1. Welcome Home Beautiful Sweet Ligaya to your new HEAVENLY VILLA. It was definitely memorable to see Papa Mikey stay with his daughter Ligaya downstairs on the couch during the several days with his Lovely Ligaya during this new transition. Thank you Ate Ellsie and Kuya RJ and Kuya Mikey for putting her home together. 💝🏡🕊🏡💝

  2. Mikey…from my experience..the cages with a dome shape are NOT practical. It is better those with a flat surface and you still can have the play area on top…and you need a wider cage instead of height..parrots have to spread their wings. 🕊🕊🕊

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