More Marcia Mouse, Marcia Melon too!

Einstein continues to enjoy practicing his alliteration of words like “Marcia Mouse”, “Marcia Melon”, and “Quack Crazy” on the shower in the bathroom. Einstein …

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30 thoughts on “More Marcia Mouse, Marcia Melon too!

  1. The great State of Texas is charging you, Einstein, with "MELONious assault against Marcia Mouse. You obviously have several priors on your record, dear boy!

    I see you've been sentenced to "cuddle time" with "Go See Jeff" for each "infraction"! No wonder you're a repeat offender!

    Your take on the situation is spot-on: "Sweeeeeet. Sweeeeeet!" You're a smart and handsome birdy boy!

    Wishing you three and all your other loved ones a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful 2019! Happy holidays and thanks for all the videos! Love all y'all! 😊💕🤗

  2. I am not feeling well. I found out today that I have an UTI. Thank you for brightening my day with your beautiful Einstein! Does Einstein like to cuddle? How are you doing Ms. Marcia and Mr. Jeff? Hope y'all have a good evening! 😊❤️❤️❤️

  3. It's easy to hear your influence on the he way he pronounces many words. Does it stand out to you when Einstein says things with the inflection of others? Like, may be things he hears on tv, radio, or from friends? I have to send a picture of the sweater with a grey on it!

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