Late night cleaning with Einstein Parrot

Marcia is doing some late night cleaning in the bathroom and Einstein is talking and watching. (No strong chemical were used when cleaning. Please be careful …

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24 thoughts on “Late night cleaning with Einstein Parrot

  1. Wow…quack crazy red butt cleanin'…I can't top that!!! That was a be-you-tall musical arrangement! Geez…monkeys r cleaning! Marcia Mouse, Marcia Melon…is Marcia Monkey next? Lol!!

  2. OH, NO Marsha! Do not allow sponsors to Einstein's channel that promote killing animals for sport. I would never. I don't want that dirty money. I never eat at Jimmy Johns subs. His son's are trophy hunters. They kill endangered animals for sport! Whenever someone at work asks about using that company for a lunch and learn, I say NO and tell them why.

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