I GOT BITTEN BY A PARROT! *Why do parrots bite? All about biting birds*

DEAR CVP’s! I GOT BITTEN BY A PARROT! *Why do parrots bites? All about biting birds* TODAY I got bitten by my amazon Parrot Destiny. I will address the …

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20 thoughts on “I GOT BITTEN BY A PARROT! *Why do parrots bite? All about biting birds*

  1. You say that biting parrots aren’t good parrots to keep as a pet if they bite but your parrot bite you and you just say oh it was on accident if your parrot does not like what your saying and has the nerve to bite you then that’s not a tamed animal

  2. Hello carolin! I have a question.. I had a lovebird and was young and was going to have a baby.. She didn't push enough and didn't get her egg and then my mom was helping her push but she never did and the egg broke inside her.. And she died. What do you think might have happened? Edit: what do you think might have happened when the egg broke inside her is what I'm trying to say


  3. Actually, when I first got my two budgies, kiwi (the male) and quill(the female), kiwi was really friendly and very easy to tame and cuddle with. But quill was just so freaking grumpy all the time. I remember that time when she flew out of her cage in my room(she wasn't free flight trained) and it took me about an hour to finally get her down with a few treats😂😂 She would always bite me and she wouldn't let go. I mean, of course an Amazon's bite would be way worse. But after sometime she just started to calm down a little. I mean, she still bites every now and then but it's only when something annoys her. I mean, it wasn't funny back then but now whenever I remember her grumpy attitude I laugh so hard😂😂. Anyways, I love you carolin so much and send love to faith, destiny, angel, love and of course hope!

  4. Yes I know what it's like and I couldn't agree more with you just cuz your parrot bites you doesn't mean to stop loving them just means there being mad but never stoo loving them! And my bird bite is a little love bird and I know what you mean when you say just grit your teeth and bear it lol I know too well it's nothing like your Amazon bite but live bird boted are terrible too 🤣😆

  5. Few years ago, I went to Venezuela, and in the hause when I was hosted, they had many animal, dogs, cats, four amazons, a greenwindged macaw, I remember that amazons it was aggressive with them, however macaw it was mare friendly, nowadays living, and amazons, too, all was rescued from airport, all have their story. For that motive I prefer personality macaws than amazons, they are most noble.

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