How to Train Your Parrot to Step Up | Parrot Training

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20 thoughts on “How to Train Your Parrot to Step Up | Parrot Training

  1. I bought a Alexandrine parakeet 6 months ago. He was 4 months old at that time. Due to some issues I was unable to give him much time in the last two months. He is now 6 months old. I am trying to tame him now. My first question is that, is it possible to tame him or it is too late now. Most of the time he bites me. but when I have food in my fingers he eats that. I am trying to teach him step up technique and train him and build a friendly relationship. But he does not come on my hand. Can you please help me. This is my email, I will be really grateful if you could write to me. I know you must be busy, but it will be a favor If you write me and help me to solve this issue.

  2. How I train my pineapple green cheek conure who’s really really bity and bites really hard. How I do it is I take gloves 😂 don’t ask me because he bites super hard, anyways then once he has stepped on, I give him a treat and keep on doing it. Then I just keep repeating that

  3. I have a 2 month old conure and hes very vicious. I try to make him step up and i give him treats but when i put him down he tries to bite me. What should i do? I only have a moveable perch that i use to make him learn to step up.

  4. I need help I just got a green cheek and he lets me pet him and doesn’t say anything he barley sits on his perch he just likes to hang in the corner and he won’t sit on my finger either he’s 5 months old and I got him 2 days ago someone tell me what I should do

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