How to Remove a Leg Band on a Lineolated Parakeet

Bird Leg Band Removal | Nugget is a Lineolated Parakeet, he got his leg band caught in a toy and was hanging from it. His leg was sore for a few days and …

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38 thoughts on “How to Remove a Leg Band on a Lineolated Parakeet

  1. That Grover … Just killed my carary's leg..
    I woke up to see his leg swollen like hell, and I had to remove it. Unfortunately his leg was already starting to rotten cause he hurt himself somewhere in the cage. And I'm now trying to build a prosthetic leg for him… I puked idk how many times, and I've been crying ever since.. idk what else to do.

  2. I know this is very late but i think EVERYONE should remove these leg bands. I have two diamond doves, and I couldn’t help but notice that they both kept pecking at it nonstop. I decided to remove it. Since it was a little bigger than their leg, I slipped it right off, and trust me when I say it’s a lot better. Your birds will feel relieved and free.

  3. No one should ever be allowed to put these bands on birds. All birds don't like them. It may also contribute to balance issues, and birds falling off their perch. I have removed them from every bird I have ever had, and think everyone should.

  4. Read this if the leg band is bigger than your birds legs!!! Hello person, You look lovely today! So I watched this video and looked for the ring clippers. I Thought, Can't I just slide it off kiwi (my budgies) Foot? I went upstairs to him, I held him carefully, And I got the foot with the ring on it, I saw his toe was squished inside of it! (Ouch!) I pushed his toes together and carefully slid the ring off his foot, (I noticed he was pulling the ring a lot) He felt so much better and stopped panicking. … Please don't spend money on clippers if the ring is big enough to be slid off the birds leg.

  5. Great vid!!! Good to know it's that easy… I wasn't sure how soft that metal was…. You never know when you might have to remove it for the health of the bird… 😉 Mike in Los Angeles, Calif, USA

  6. I have a Female peach faced love bird, and she hate foreign objects like rings, watches, zippers and she will aggressively attack the object biting it very hard, if the object is on you, she will bite you to let you know how she feels about it. Recently I adopted an older love bird that is banded, his right food was caught in a cage door im assuming based on how swollen his back toe is, and also has an imprint of the bar(of the cage door) going across parallel to his toe, its almost twice the size of his toe on the opposite foot. he can walk on it but it's still hurting him, he is going to be staying in his own cage since my bird will attack his good foot that is banded.. any advice on what i should do, ive been cleaning his toe daily once a day and it's seems to be healing slowly and no sign of internal bleeding or broken bones just very swollen.. please help!

  7. i just came home tonight and my cockatiel was hanhing upside down with her band caught too! she must have flapped around a lot because she was stressed and sore, holding foot up and not wanting me to pick her up. tomorrow she is going to vet. these things are so dangerous!

  8. same thing happened to my bird, but now its leg is completely rotten and he's been trying to bite it off, it looks really terrible and gross. worse thing is i dont have any vets near by that deals with birds.

  9. Some proponents of the band say that they generally don't hurt the bird to have it on their legs and that you should never have it removed unless their legs are injured. Others say that it's not natural to have such foreign object attached to their bodies and that it's better to have it off. You sure made it seem easy with the "band remover," and your bird seem relatively calm during the process. You obviously know what you're doing. I have heard that some vets won't even remove the band if there is no reason to. If I have a budgie, I would want to have the band removed. What is your personal opinion about the band?

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