How to Punish a Parrot for Biting How should a parrot be punished or reprimanded for biting the owner? Actually the answer is that it shouldn’t. The video just …

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44 thoughts on “How to Punish a Parrot for Biting

  1. I'm convinced owning a pet bird is not for me. I don't understand how some of you have the patience to let something cause you that much pain and act like it doesn't bother you at all. I've tried ignoring it but it's just so painful and will often make me bleed if I let it continue! Everytime my lovebird bites me all I think about is punishing or hurting it back until it stops. Obviously I don't, I just try to put up with it as best I can until I can get it back in its cage like everyone suggests. I can't say I haven't made any progress though. She will climb on my shoulders and step on my hands, but I can't stand it when I get bit for trying to pet or give her a treat! (Often for no apparent reason at all!) Thankfully my dad knows how or at least has the patience to handle her much than I. Hats off to everyone who has had success with their pet birds. Ya'll have some mad patience.

  2. When I got bit I let him know I was hurt. Now he bites less and I am more careful about approaching with hand. They protect themselves and ward off with beak. However they love to chew on old shoes, hats, gloves. Be careful around other people and items that u don't want to get chewed. Do need alot of patience and attention. Please don't punish and abuse the parrot for being themselves and captive. If you're nice and worship them, they eventually bite less. Almond in hand helps. It's trained me well

  3. I agree, never punish the parrot, for being themselves, and it's not their fault that they are captive. I never bring my hand and face too close too quick. Almond in hand is sign of friendship. The Amazon comes to me when ready. Biting is one of favorite activities. It has trained me well. Old shoe favorite toy

  4. This is such shit lol. I know people with permanent nerve damage so bad they can't move fingers in their full range, people permanently mutilated from parrot bites.

    That senegal is just lazily beaking him a bit too hard.

  5. I think it depends on the bird – and how far down the taming/training route you are. Because birds have different personalities it's difficult to source a 'one size fits all' cure for a particular problem. I have an already tame conure. I've had him a week and he's a bit bitey because he's getting to know me. I could try this method because I know I won't get my fingers bitten off, just maybe chewed a bit. A bigger bird with more formidable beak? That would be a different matter. We just have to use some common sense here.

  6. now I have 2 amazones and they are not biting.
    i started to cry and scream out loud when they tried biting me. cause I noticed thats what they do as soon as another parrot comes near. another Youtube channel gave The same tip.
    now they both playing around me, and on me IF I lay on the sofa.. they play with my hands and fingers, never biting. as soon as they put a tiny pressure I start crying and they stop at once.. I think it worked better toan ignore them and of course they understand the scream since its parrot language

  7. How am I supposed to ignore my bird when she bites me? She leaves scars, it's not these little nibbles like shown in this video. She bit a whole through my lip and then recently she bit my ear and if I wouldn't have stopped her, I would have had a ripped lobe

  8. please help me, I just got a cockatoo and he is so sweet, he lets me pet him and rub his head, he fly's to come see me, but if I ask for him to step up off my shoulder, he bites me really bad. any tips? anything could help, thanks.

  9. I got an Indian Ringneck 2 days before. he is biting me very hard if I try to go near him or try to teach him to stepping up.
    please tell me what should I do to tame it properly. I have looked for answers for my questions in most of your videos. but haven't found any suitable answers. please make a video of taming a new parrot. you do videos with your 5-6 years trained birds. So it wouldn't suite newbies to learn from it. but they are a good inspiration for me.

  10. how in the heck do you ignore it when the bird is biting like crazy and will not let go? i ask cause my Senegal parrot bit my wrist and shook like a dog and wouldn't let go she actually drew blood which of course i then stopped trying to pet her for a few days

  11. I would love you to come to the U.K and try to ignore my parrot biting you, we have tried your recommendation and have tried food reinforcement and have also sat there and let her come to us. But when she purposely goes for me and totally ignores the food and grabs my thumb knuckle and will not let go I don't know how I can ignore it and also when she chases us round the living room to attack us. Her brother is nothing like her he'll have a nibble but it's more of a tasting to check we are his normal people. Any ideas lol

  12. I have a young amazon and she is trying to see how deep she can bite in my finger, I start bleeding and the bone almost crusched… so I cant just wait… please give us with big birds som tips. mine is 8 months old and I training her to step up to my hand. so I cant shake or move my hand when she step up, then she will not trust my hand, so what do I do???? its like she want to examine what kind of material she is sitting on and if its going to hold…. even if I hold treats in front of her, she take that paus to examine my fingers density…

  13. Hello and thank you for all those amazing videos !
    I am looking forward to getting your book, but I had a question: how do you avoid being really hurt by some biggest parrots/cockatoos ? I have worked with parrots in a zoo, and when I was bitten by Hyacinth and Blue & Gold macaws, they easily opened my skin and bruised my hands/arms. But when they were biting my fingers, I just couldn't not react. I didn't punish them, it's just I made them release my finger cause I could feel the pressure getting worse and worse and I was afraid my finger would break…

  14. Is it alright if a 13 yr old owns a umbrella cockatoo i bought one from a family that gave him no attention and he has nicotine stains on he feathers he is going through the moulting part right now and is looking way whiter and healthier and even says hi ,step up ,big boy he is so cuddly haha i bathe him every 4 days a week and he seems way happier but is it normal to own a parrot at 13 years old???

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