How to Hold a Parrot | Parrot Training

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21 thoughts on “How to Hold a Parrot | Parrot Training

  1. JUST A WARNING: Doing things this way destroyed hand-trust with my cockatiel.

    The video gives too little information on how to introduce this to your parrot. I assumed that 'my bird would just get used to it'. Well, he didn't, he hated it each time. But the final thing that broke my bird's trust was the last time I did it, a few months ago, I accidentally grabbed him in a way that hurt him. Now, when I say 'step up' or 'up', even if he's on my finger already eating a snack, he flies away. Since that day, I started from day one with trying to build hand-trust, acting as if I had just got him… He'll let me scratch his head when he's inside the cage, but outside the cage, he's very distant and does his own thing. I don't know if this is his nature, puberty, or this experience.

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