Hawk on Parrot Cage in Suburban Yard!

Immature redtailed hawk came down in the yard to check out my parrot. The bars are too narrow for big hawk feet, so the parrot was safe. He was biting the …

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21 thoughts on “Hawk on Parrot Cage in Suburban Yard!

  1. Your poor bird is stressed in this video, it's not funny. Also, hawks have gotten into smaller bird cages before, and it doesn't even need to get in to kill your bird. The stress alone can kill it, as can any diseases it was carrying. Not to mention the fact that it can grab your bird THROUGH the fucking bars. You don't deserve a zon.

  2. What the hell is wrong with you letting that hawk terrorize your amazon… id steal that bird out of your yard you dont deserve to have it!!!! I hope somone who does care steals him from you, you idiot!!!!!

  3. Perhaps view the video here on YouTube of a hawk catching a bird through the aviary mesh. It doesn't require an entire foot to injure a bird through the bars (and depending on how the parrot is grabbed, allow damage from a beak). I understand buying a particular cage to discourage incidents, but I would never idly sit by while a predator sat inches from my birds. The hawk could have just as easily bitten and removed toes of your Amazon while they climbed in the cage. The safety of our birds isn't for the public's entertainment.

  4. Stupid, yes the hawk couldnt get thru the bars but why take the chance?…Your bird is depending on YOU to keep him safe at ALL times…poor bird had to have been absolutely terrified…not cool at all

  5. And BTW, a bird sitting on top of a cage or a play stand in front of a window with tons of toys and room to stretch their wings, flap, and exercise is FAR better than being stuck in a tiny cage "outside". You are something else! I bet you still insist that feeding sunflower seeds is a healthy diet, too, with all your knowledge! Again, we all thank you sooooo much for the entertainment! Its quite hysterical as you just keep making yourself look dumber by the sentence.

  6. You are an idiot. Quit smoking and get some teeth, and while you are at it, get some common sense. Even if you are a mastery falconer, it means nothing. Not to mention you find it OK to keep your Amazon in a cockatiel/conure size cage with one perch and no toys. Just because you THINK you know something doesnt make you smart, as clearly seen by your blatant belief that this video is OK! And BTW, even if you did write A article for Bird Talk, you arent special. You are t Howard Voren or someone important. Anyone can write an article for Bird Talk. I did 20 years ago, and Im nobody special. Get a clue.

  7. Dear stupid woman. I am a falconer. I know how big the biggest local wild raptor's feet are. I know they will not fit between the bars of this cage. My nape is not a lovebird, you're comparing apples with dunces.

    I planned for this possibility when I bought that cage, in the off-chance that this could happen. It happened. The parrot is fine. The hawk is fine. : I have a masters falconry license. I worked at a bird store. I write articles for Bird Talk and websites. Had parrot 30 years. Still do

  8. Cool hawk, but getting a video at the risk of your parrot being injured seems just plain wrong to me. I bet that hawk could hurt your bird faster than you could get there to stop him.

    Not a wise move. 🙁

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