Funny Parrots Going Crazy – Funniest Parrots Compilation 2018

Parrots are crazy! Just take a look how these funny parrots throwing things, making weird noises and doing the craziest stuff you’ve ever seen. They are very …

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36 thoughts on “Funny Parrots Going Crazy – Funniest Parrots Compilation 2018

  1. Don't you just envy parrots sometimes. I mean they make better music than we do, have a better taste in fashion,are better dancers, get to play when they want, get belly rubs , and all the food they can eat. They make a mess as well, I know, but we are not all perfect, it's the parrots that are.
    Thank you for wonderful cute videos.

  2. I have a blue quaker buuut.. Shes not soo friendly at the moment :/ got her through a rescue from an owner that neglected her for little over a month. When we first got her a lot of her head feathers were missing, was clear that she was under a lot of stress but we cleaned her up, her feathers have almost completely grown back and shes still adjusting to her new surroundings.

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