Chopsticks the Quaker Parrot

Chopsticks was rescued from Animal Control in May 2013. He has a fun and unique personality and we wanted to share a little bit about him. Each bird has their …

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27 thoughts on “Chopsticks the Quaker Parrot

  1. I have a Quaker too. 😊 Kiwi.
    He loves to sing and dance. 🎶
    He also loves mumbling and yelling when ever some one is on the phone. He brings us so much joy and laughter. 💕

    I really like this video, and Kiwi did too. (I showed him.) 😄

  2. I didn’t realize how old this video was until I finished watching. Jessie you don’t appear to have changed a bit in 5 yrs! All the love you get from all your wonderful little creatures must keep you young! 😉 Do you still have Chopsticks? My sister had a Quaker parrot named Emma for several yrs. She only liked my sister & me. Lol She didn’t like our kids at all even though they tried to be gentle & calm around her. She started getting really aggressive & biting the kids if she was out of her cage. Sadly, she had to find a new home for Emma bc she wouldn’t stop biting the kids or my sister’s husband. She is happy & doing well, though with her new owner. 😊

  3. Great Video! I grew up from 13 on with my pop's African grey and had a quaker in my 20s. He
    could say like 60 phrases. They're crazy smart. Mine was a closet-talker; he wouldn't talk if he thought he could be seen or heard, with some exceptions. Such as – Laughing with you and saying "Wanna bite?" when you were eating pizza or something else with bread or crunchy things. When I would put him to bed. We would say together "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bird bugs bite". He had the same voice of this one. 🙂

  4. I love quacker parrots ! I used to have a blue male. We were sleeping together, having a bath together, study, eat and he just learnt so many things without me even trying to teach him. He had a special call sound, was putting his wings up on the command, etc
    I think he thought he was a human .. not a bird
    I’m very sad we lost him ..

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