Adult Talk W/ Craig Ferguson

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26 thoughts on “Adult Talk W/ Craig Ferguson

  1. REALITY CHECK: I used to think Craig's show was a masterclass in flirting just like every other guy watching. That was a few years ago and now after dating and flirting in my own life in this era of #metoo, I've found that women on Craig's show probably thought they HAD to play along and it was NOT as natural as you thought it was – c'mon, they are actors! Talk shows, no matter how seemingly unscripted they are, in reality are structured entertainment. It's an entertainment SHOW – not Late Night News with Craig Ferguson. My fellow fellas, women in real life are NOT charmed so easily with sexual banter. What's interesting is Craig KNOWS he's being CREEPY and doubles down on it because it's shocking (great entertainment!) and he can "blame" his behavior for being "European". Also he knows a guest is likely not going to do anything about it if they want visibility with his network ratings. They have a choice: get offended and not get invited back on again or suck it up (pun intended) and do business with Craig. Talk shows are ad time for their work. Think about it. Yeah, it's cynical, yet it's real life. They play along, promote their work and themselves and call it a day. I still love the show and in a perfect world, he would be a great role model for banter. However, the real world is much more complicated and everything on that show is not exactly how it seems.

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