Why would an Jewish “Rabbi” need to investigate the Christian New Testament? 1Cor 11 – 512e90

A Rabbi Cross-Examines the New Testament wit Rabbi Michael Skobac – Why would an Jewish “Rabbi” need to investigate the Christian New Test? 1Cor 11 …

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22 thoughts on “Why would an Jewish “Rabbi” need to investigate the Christian New Testament? 1Cor 11 – 512e90

  1. Paul's teachings of not doing all the 613 commandments were addressed to the gentiles. How is that any different than any rabbi today? Any rabbi today will tell a gentile they DON'T HAVE to do all 613 commandments! Ignorance!

  2. Oh please William… want to see your son in your studio in 20 years???
    will need to hear shows like this. Hopefully, NO LONGER will neighbor have to
    tell neighbor any longer KNOW YAHUAH. I pray that DAY COMES SOON!!!

  3. William I had fallen away from believing in God because of frustration with the teachings of Christianity. I tried different denominations, Catholic, anglican, evangelical, it didn't matter. Your show really made me fall in love with the bible as everything becomes so much more clear from the jewish understanding.

  4. Congrats William on your new studio and thank you for providing this program its been a real blessing to may life, also thank you Rabbi Skobac for your careful attention to detail, I always learn something truthful and insightful when I listen to you. The 'Paintings with Jesus with Long hair' line over that last 2000 years was priceless!

  5. Concerning the body of Christ and his blood is a sacrifice done once and for all. ( Heb. 9 & 10)The communion of the believer is spiritual not physical. There is no consuming of blood nor of flesh. The words that Jesus spoke are spirit, and they are life. Jh.6:63 and those who partake of his "remembrance" in an unworthy manner are cursed. 1 Cort.11:27

  6. You will never understand the God-Head except ye repent. Sounds to me you don't know anything about submitting to the authority of God. Jesus Christ did: he made himself of no reputation and humbled himself to the Father. But you say you know the Father,and Jesus said you are of your father the devil. The law is holy, Jesus is holy, we are sinners in need of an atonement because no man will see God in their sun. Hence the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us. Isaiah 53 is not Israel, it's your Messiah Jesus, taking upon himself the recompense of our sin.

  7. Well done to the honorable rabbi and the honorable host
    I enjoyed the program very much and hope to continue
    Anyway, it's a short question for anyone who can answer
    Referring to all of Paul's writings and his "halakhic" doctrine, that he has drawn up to this day for the Christian world, where do we find that Paul was a Jew at all?
    And please do not show me his testimony – because as of now, with all the distortions he presents – it is doubtful whether it is possible to believe what testimony he is making.
    Are there any evidence outside of the New Testament about Paul

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