Warranties. I Bought a Parrot That Doesn’t Talk!

What can you expect from product warranties in the Philippines. I have had a couple of warranty experiences and I am interested in your experience here and …

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10 thoughts on “Warranties. I Bought a Parrot That Doesn’t Talk!

  1. Hi.. Rod. Good Evening. You know I have experience about parrot real. Sometimes we went to MALABON ZOO. With my best friends And the PARROT said of me ( whistle and Said.( Ganda). I really suddenly looked around and I'm laughing with my friends because he telling the truth. So I love Parrots.. why rarely your video I miss wAtching. Okay God Bless and thank you!!

  2. You know how things are sold here they usually test things before selling .me and the wife were just talking about warranties she was surprised to see an American commercial were the product was guaranteed for 10 years I watch some US tv on the internet here .

  3. Rod something I've noticed here in the states purchasing a lighter at a gas station grocery store type place. The cashier will light the lighter to make sure it works. At first it caught me off-guard but something I can appreciate now

  4. I'll share my experience. I bought a door way chin up bar. they had two sizes, small and large. I didn't know what one would fit the best without going home to measure. The sales person said, buy the larger one, if it doesn't fit you can exchange for the smaller one. you have 7 days to exchange. Of course, it was too big and i went back to get the smaller one. Smaller one was p100 cheaper. No way, no how, would he give my p100 back. 1 for 1 exchange, with an p100 store credit good for 7 days. always buy the cheaper one and trade up.

  5. Sorry your parrot doesn't talk. Don't get too attached to it. Remember, love is a choice. When I was a youngster, a local TV kids' show had a drawing contest and my entry won a $10 gift certificate from a pet store. I used it to buy a parakeet. His cage was next to the TV set and all he ever learned to say was "sweetie pie" and the local TV station's call sign. Sad to say, I forgot to feed him and he starved. At least your bird won't meet that fate.

  6. Anything electronics, they usually test it before you purchase it. Even those LED light bulbs are returnable within a year; just save the packaging and the receipt. The quality & durability we get here for the same item we get in the US are way different. I'm talking about the China made products. Even the batteries sold here has a short lifespan.

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