TRAINING MY MACAW TO LAUGH! | How To Train a Bird To Talk

disclaimer: you should always have your animal(s) strapped in while traveling for safety reasons. We couldn’t fit a travel carrier in this situation so we used our …

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44 thoughts on “TRAINING MY MACAW TO LAUGH! | How To Train a Bird To Talk

  1. Wow, he learned so many words! Last time a saw a video on him talking, the only word he could / would speak was “bubba”

    Edited: so I got to the end of the video…. and…. just….. HOW?????? How to you make a MACAW show up out of NOTHING?!?? You’re too good

  2. Ps, everytime he laughs.. I laugh 😂 its infectious lol. Btw ur show looks wonderful, I'd love to c it some day if i come to USA 🇺🇸. Gota say i admire both of u, u work extremely hard n always have a smile on ur faces. U guys r gr8 role models 4 how a family should b.
    🐦 🐦 💙 🐦 🐦

  3. Jamie Leeeee this is grrrrrr8… Lol… Babas got ur laugh down i reckon 😂 he is so cute, loved it wen he fluffed up, so beautiful 😘
    Btw i loveeee ur car perch, so cool lol, u guys rock! 😀
    Kisses to everybirdy pweese 😍
    🐦 🐥 🐥 🐤 🐥 🐥 🐦

  4. I love his T stand in the truck. Then such a honey, he was trying to groom the mama! What a honey Good boy Jinx! I am enamored with him. Great job! Captian Nemo my cockatiel, has the cage in back but usually rides on the headrest above my head. Yeah, we tell her no green shampoos.

  5. Hi Jaime, You might offer Jinx a 2nd perch in the car so he isn't gripping the same one for too long, if he's on his perch for the whole car ride. And maybe one that has more traction. The metal perches can be slick making it so Jinx has to grip tighter to stay balenced. I know you guys take great care of your birds & love them with all you have, and you have a beautiful family flock you lucky girl! I just felt compelled to mention this. I also know how much I have learned about parrots from other folks' helpful comments on your channel and want to pass on knowledge to other viewers. Thank you 🦅

  6. I've got a Quaker and he laughs. He says peekaboo,really, uh-oh, good bird, I love you, and so much more. He's just learning the colored ring game. He's only like 8 months old! we use a clicker to train him and a to whistle for recall. I did not have any of the skills to build this kind of relationship on my own. Your Channel has made the quality of my bird's life epicly amazing. My bird loves me so freaking much it's crazy! I love my sassy Little Green quaker. Thanks so much! 😁🐦😁

  7. you could make the word "funny" be the que, then he'll laugh when you say things like "is that funny?"/"you think that's funny?" or "you're so funny!"
    that or the word "silly" or something similar

  8. Jinx!! You are Magical!! Totally Hypnotic to watch!! I'd love to see you rock out to Bohemian Rhapsody in Wayne's World style!! Oh, and I laugh with my mouth full too Jinx!! Especially in pretentious posh restaurants where I open my mouth wide for all to see!! They love it!! 😊 Hee! Hee! Your video was amazing!! Pure Joy!! Jinx, your laugh is hilarious, and it would make a great wake up alarm!! 😁 Thanx for sharing guys!! Much Love from the UK.. 😙 💕💕

  9. You are so loving and gentle, how it should be, with your birds so I like watching your videos. I don’t know anything about birds except what you have shown us. It’s another world. Thank you.

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