Parrot Parts | What’s Normal, What’s Not?

Parrots have different parts than humans. Some of their parts look pretty weird to us, so if something on your parrot is tripping you up and you don’t know if it’s …

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48 thoughts on “Parrot Parts | What’s Normal, What’s Not?

  1. I've been looking for your channel for hours since I forgot what it was called. i needed since i recently got 2 cocktails and I had to feed them formula for a while since they were too young to eat Normal bird food, and I thought that your channel could give me some advice and it did. Thank You

  2. my bird plucks his contour feathers and mutilates every other feather. I got him to a point where he had grown back all his feathers, but he recently relapsed a few weeks ago. I think I've stabilized the issue though as it hasn't progressed any in the past week. He's a 14 year old eclectus, ive only had him for a couple years though. He still has a lot of issues which I assume are from his past (I don't know much about his past) but he's always making progress.

  3. My family used to have a Red-Bellied Parrot who would regurgitate stuff from his crop and smash it up against the roof of his mouth with his tongue, like he was chewing gum. He seemed pretty happy about it.

  4. Aw you left out the tidbit that you can see birds with bare face patches blush! It's most prominent on macaws, and it's so funny seeing their faces get red when they feel a certain way!

    I also really love parrot feet, most people unfamiliar with parrots think they have three toes in front and one in back like many other birds.

  5. I recently got a cockatiel but I’m concerned. It seems as if it was mistreated and is missing two toe nails on his/her left foot. Yes, I don’t know the gender. I don’t know how I should start a relationship with the bird but I would like some advice and also, the tail feathers are really dirty and her feathers look unhealthy and I don’t know what to do.

  6. We just bought a quaker pirrot bird this September 2018 from pet shop, he/she about 3 months old now. Expected my husband will be the main person for him, but this bird always scream at my husband. But not much with me.(he used to take food from my hand, but not anymore) We not make much progress still. Would you please advice what can we do?

  7. I have recently read an article about the cockatiel/Galah hybrid accidentaly bred in Australia, that was very interesting. Can you make a video about parrot hybrids, which species of parrots can interbreed with each other, which do it in the wild etc.? I would like to buy a hybrid parrot or parakeet when I have a chance to have a pet, but they are very rare and expensive in my country

  8. All of your birds are so patient and friendly and sweet. <3 My grandparents got an orange winged amazon over a decade ago, and my uncle is currently taking care of him but eventually he will be in my care. To be fair we aren't 100% sure if he's a male, but as you said if he ever lays an egg we'll know we're wrong!
    The little weirdo tends to talk to girls and let them rub his head/chin, most men he mostly ignores. He will 'play' with my uncle and grandfather by grabbing their fingers and they'll grab his beak. He never 'bites' hard enough to hurt though, so we assume he has fun with it.
    Every time I go to see him he perks up and starts dancing and spreading his wings. He'll talk to me nonstop until I leave, and I'm the only person who is allowed to pet his back and give him gentle scritches on the back of his neck. I'm fairly certain he thinks that I'm his girlfriend, and I can't wait until he comes to live with me.

  9. I heard that feeling the keel is often used in falconry to tell if they are starving or not. Just like parrots, if it’s sharp your hawk is underweight/starving. But if you can’t feel it, it’s overweight. The reason people do it is because while trying to find the flying weight, you lower the weight of the bird. But being underweight and overweight have the same behavioral output (no interest in the falconer). And since a scale can’t tell you if your bird is starving, it’s a useful thing to learn and practice in falconry.

  10. I am new subscriber. Today my cockatiel died at 3am. I want to know what went wrong.. Atleast get an idea.. Mine was dull, was eating very well(which made me feel better) but with each breath it's tail was bobbing, whole day he was making small noices as if he was crying, he couldn't chirp loudly (he had almost lost his voice) and also the feces looked completely dried up when the bird pooped.(yes all this happened in 2 days) His upper beak was inside his lower one. And one more thing which I observed was, when ever he used to groom himself white dandruff like stuff would float away in air (a lot of it). I also took him to the vet today. Vet told he is sick(no explanations given even when asked) and gave a tablet to mix a small potion in his water cup. But I am not happy with just knowing he was sick.. As a bird keeper I want your suggestion.. What was the cause of all this.. What went wrong.. How could I have prevented this from happening.. Do u have any idea what went wrong?? Appreciate your response..

  11. Poop around the cloaca can be completely normal with domestic parrots. When parrots poop on a flat surface sometimes it will transfer to their underfluffies or under their tail. Also why it’s important that you’re able to handle your bird so you can help them clean it off. Also when showering it’s a good idea to thoroughly mist the underfluffies and under the tail.

    Parrots evolved to poop sitting in places where it drops straight down, part of their duties in fertilizing the forest floor 🙂

    Also parrots poop often, it varies by species. This is so they can stay light when they fly. Cockatiels actually go on average every 15 minutes during the day!

    Also don’t be shocked by the gigantic poop when they wake up. They usually go a few seconds after they’re fully awake.

    Watery poop can also be normal if your bird is overheated or stressed. This should resolve within an hour, if there is a watery poo it’s important to poop watch as if it’s ongoing then your bird needs to see a vet! It’s very important to cool and/or calm your bird when this happens.

    Parrots also regularly puff up their feathers when they are sleepy or content. A lot of owners get scared of this since it can be a sign of illness. If the parrot flattens their feathers when alert they’re usually just fine! Their feet also get super warm when they are resting, especially the foot they tuck into their feathers. Beak grinding as mentioned in other videos is also totally normal.

    Just some other parrot traits!

  12. I am not hard of hearing or deaf but I appreciate the subtitles and I know others need them, do you think you could do them in more of your videos so everyone can enjoy the animals and the knowledge you have to share?

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