How to Teach a Bird to Talk – Train Your Bird to Talk Hello

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27 thoughts on “How to Teach a Bird to Talk – Train Your Bird to Talk Hello

  1. U and others are wrong. My bird says come here when he wants me to come to him. Step up when he wants me to hold him.
    I had another macaw that would cry when he didn’t get his way and when I would leave the house he would say come back don’t leave me. If he saw a hawk in the sky or another big bird he would say hawk, hawk bad bird and he would look for a place to hide. I could go in and on about the things he knew. What about those things are not him understanding and not just repeating me.

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  3. Birds are SO intelligent. I hate how people use "bird brain" as an insult. People, it's a compliment!

    Green Cheek Conures are good talkers too! My male GCC can talk clearly (when he wants to). Although at first, when we got him at 3 months, his "talking" sounded like english but didn't makes any sense.

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  5. You are right that parakeets don't understand what they mimic/speak, but in the whole WORLD THERES ONLY ONE PARROT (AFRICAN GREY) who can count and answer any scientific question… His name is ALEX. He died on 6 sept 2007 and was born in 1976… He was too great… The MASTER OF ALL PARROTS IN MIMICKING IS 'EINSTEIN', THE AFRICAN GEY PARROT.
    Number 1: Alex
    Number 2: Einstein

    ( they are ranked over the basis of their brain)

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