Funny Things PARROT OWNERS Say

Hey guys! So this video about the funny things parrot owners do, is just a little humor for ya in hopes to make you smile! I don’t know about you, but I’ve literally …

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21 thoughts on “Funny Things PARROT OWNERS Say

  1. my son use to say to Tui to squeeze those birdie cheeks so she can poop before she comes out of cage.. now she says it every time someone is in the bathroom. you bird is sooo cute. by the way that stuff on my bird's face is raspberries

  2. Strangely the majority of the people that see my birds are afraid of them, just recently someone visited and I asked if he wanted to hold Zazu my cockatoo and he was immediately just like "Nope, I'm more of a dog person" he kept his distance. Maybe it's the way I introduce them? She loves people though.

    As for what I say…Well, I'm not really a person that shares everything my birds do, but I do spew random facts and relate things to birds all of the time. Someone will talk about something completely unrelated, and I'll relate it to a random bird fact or even if I don't I at least THINK about birds in my head.

  3. Haahahhahahahaaha @2:02 yeah that's me too , I've literally said that and that person looked at me like if I'm crazy LoL, but I honestly meant it… I didn't feel like going out that day, just wanted to stay home with my pet that gets me better than any human 😊♥🐇🐔🐿🐁🐸🐤🐢🐍😽(those are all the pets I have AND have had)😍🤗 loved them 💜all , STILL do

  4. Hey everyone! Thank you for all the love on my video about gccs I really appreciate all the kindness. Hope you enjoy this silly video and is there anyone out there than can relate??? haha i've said almost all of these myself lol let me know if I should do a part 2 🙂

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