Everyone Loves Scritches!

I’ve been doing intensive classes with Pabu, explaining to him that cotton candy warriors need to learn how to be gentle… they dont have to ALWAYS be soo …

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44 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Scritches!

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  2. My lil monkeys are indoor flighted and do laps in my circular set up. You can go through my kithen or the hallway between my family room and my formal livingroom. My family just completely ignore the flying monkeys whisking past their heads or in between their legs. Lol I imagine flying through our house being similar to a star wars chase scene…lol. sometimes Lincoln cheets and cuts short so she can beat Tsuki to the play stand. He (Tsuki) is faster than her.

  3. Who? What? Boring!!!! What do they think this is, a Broadway musical or something? Ignore, anyway… Dory is too cute. Good job, Pabu is trying. Love the beautiful new sherbert Bugz. Just because I know how Keets are (their personalities, especially when there are two with other animals present) I would name them Thelma for the lighter one and Louise for the darker one. They will be inseparable.

  4. wow that's really some wild eye action indeed! let's hope Lisa doesn't turn out to be the "crazy ex-gf" type! haha

    Pabu's chomps are pretty obvious tho. he's just pointing out that your fingers are scritching the wrong bird xD
    and oh gosh, the two new fellas are really pretty! dang budgies have some amazing (and complicated) color mutations don't they

  5. When I had four budgies, they were ALWAYS on the floor looking for stuff, so I nicknamed them Hoover, Eureka, Kirby and Regina, after vacuum cleaner brands. Welcome to your new budgies! And as always, thanks for sharing your rainbow warriors with us! Love 'em ALL! 👍💕💕

  6. I use to not clip my Ruby (female eckie), until she got out when I opened the door one day. I chased her around for a week! She was all over social media, and ppl were kind enough to help. She would laugh, and throw leaves at us. She dodged bird of prey, and knew what to eat. She was very happy! Unfortunately, she wouldn't survive the winter in North east Ohio. I couldn't believe we got her back, it was a miracle. She was depressed for ALONG time that she was no longer flying outside. Needless to say, we now clip her. I'm just too afraid of losing her again.

  7. Still soppy over 💚Penguin💚 honk honk but, o! So much fun and beauty to see every species and individual and interaction. Polar opposite of boring for me, fascination – so happy with everybody and every vid!

    Love the new birbs, they seem happy and curious to find themselves in their new "forest" home! Glad no welcoming committee dramas from Dory or Lisa the Croc haha, cuddles so sweet to see.

    Always get a bit of brain freeze at first split second sighting of Crimson Wings and Kings, brain tries to id "Eclectus" and then stalls ha Love seeing them interact, wonder how they experience each other 🤔

    Happy Piggies! Happy me, thanks!


  8. My two boys will fight if I don’t go back and forth saying Jakeys turn, Now Baileys turn!! I just enjoy seeing everyone birdies and piggies living in harmony!!! Also I have to tell Bailey be gentle when he goes to nip and he really listens!!!

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