Dave’s Exotic Foods – Parrot Fish

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31 thoughts on “Dave’s Exotic Foods – Parrot Fish

  1. dave you totally fucked that. who taught you how to fillet fish? had that thing not been gutted you would have had a god awful mess on your hands. i had to fillet a bunch of these last weekend and the scales made it a pain in the ass!

  2. That fish looks old, its supposed to be blue. And parrot fish or uhu in hawaii are better if you de-scale it and then gut it, better off stuffing it with mayonnaise green onions tomatoes salt pepper etc. Then steaming it in the oven

  3. you know it would be cool if you made a special south african breakfast that I like "THE ABZU "( that word is the Sumerian/Annunaki word for south africa btw!) it consists of the largest egg (you already know which one I mean) with a side of sausage from the same bird. hint hint………. I think that would taste AWSOME!!!!!!!!!

  4. you ought to try some of those exotic hotdogs (like caribou or boar) thats about all I can really afford these days, but hey its worth the little extra price I think (I've got the meat market site bookmarked)

  5. They have teeth like that because they eat algae off of coral and rocks. They need teeth like that to scrape the algae off. It's actually illegal to catch those here in Bermuda. They are very colorful in the water, blues/greens/yellows…they turn brown like that once out of the water and dead.

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