Crazy Talk With Max

Just pure crazy talk with Max.

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48 thoughts on “Crazy Talk With Max

  1. I am a very sad person, i do not genuinely laugh often, but I DIED laughing when i heard the screeching noises! They sounded like the old dial up noises. Thanks Max I love you for making me laugh!

  2. Hi Hi Hi,Max, your back to Talkative Old Self,again, seriously, I was beginning to wonder if you were doing ok…. .. I see your fine, Thank Goodness, Let it out, Max….Thanks,Dan, I still owe you some ear plugs, I do so love to hear Maxwell go on about it all, I really love to hear ya'll carrying on 🌟👍🐦🕊❤😘🌟👍🐦🕊❤😘

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