Color Change on Blood Parrot Cichlid? Discoloration?

Wondering why your Parrot Cichlids are changing colors or patterns? My new Parrots are changing a lot and I wanted to know why this was occurring.

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8 thoughts on “Color Change on Blood Parrot Cichlid? Discoloration?

  1. This is becuase you are giving cheap food to them. Parrot fish needs some special formula food in order to keep its color. I am using quite expensive parrot fish pallet which keeps my fish very red..

  2. Dude, We just noticed that one of our 3 juveniles are developing these dark spots and were worried sick. I hope everything worked out perfect for you and could you give us some hope? Thanks, RRB N TCB-JAX., FL.👍

  3. This would explain why one of my females is fading to white, as she hides whenever I walk within sight of the tank. I guess she didn't like all the medicating I did because of a Hexamita scare awhile back, which included treated food… Plus I moved two [Blood Parrots] out to another tank. Seems now she doesn't trust me, nor does her mate when I get near.

  4. hi , my parrot fish  were orange but now they are a verry light orange… towards white.. and i woner what is worng .. can u help me  sending me your number and talk trough whatsapp and show how exacli they are .. please

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