Awkward moments with Petra. She can’t answer that.

Petra is super smart and funny. Sometimes she creates awkward moments lol. Petra has NEVER said “I can’t answer that” before lol Realized that her Alexa will …

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50 thoughts on “Awkward moments with Petra. She can’t answer that.

  1. You guys should join our twitter party on Nov 10 on my Twitter @TupeckParrot. We just rescued a cockatoo and are debuting her to the world with a tea party for fans and Q&A. Some fan games/prizes, live chat, etc. Fun antics from our flock, foraging games and of course a performance by me since I was the only celebirdie they could book in time. You guys are invited!

  2. You are special 'Petra's Mum!!' 😘 Animal Planet should design an alarm clock that wakes you up every morning with a Petra comment, but you'll never know which one it's going to be!! I'd be awake before the alarm in excitement!! 😁 Hee! Hee! Love, Kisses & Hugs to you all!! 😙 💕💝💕 xXx

  3. Ha ha ha I can't answer that she says!!!!!!! Oh my I know that was awkward when they paused. You would think people would know how smart birds are but there are a lot of ignorant folks when it comes to animals!! She is so darn cute but I am sorry that happened to you, Petra's Mama!!! 💖💖

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