566 S Parrot Bites Finger

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26 thoughts on “566 S Parrot Bites Finger

  1. can anyone tell me how to get my african grey ive tried to get close but he gets aggressive evrytime i get close and tries to bite through his cage but when my dad does it he lets him carry him i dont get it

  2. What the fuck is wrong with you. No shit he hates you. This is borderline abuse. You're mentally fucking that bird up. Not to mention, that Amazon has NO toys and is very bored. That poor bird deserves better. As a parrot trainer and professional, this absolutely disgusts me. You don't deserve To own a parrot. Disgusting.

  3. Parrots are very emotional creatures and should never be treated this way, your bird bites because she's not ready for that yet, and don't yell so loud at her. Your stupid for letting her bite you and not respecting her personal space, good riddance and I hope she finds a better home

  4. Boy:*Puts hand on birds neck and gets bitten* Screams OWWWWW
    bird:*repeats* OWWWWW laughs
    Boy:*does the same thing again*
    Bird:*bites again*
    Boy:*screams OWWWWW*
    Bird*repeats voice and laughs again

    I am going to die of laughing

  5. You idiot . First of all you are scaring the bird by holding your hand right by his neck (you're supposed to hold it to his feet and ask him to step up)and second of all you keep going at him in his tiny cage in a tiny corner of his cage and he has no way of escaping you idiot. People like this should not have parrots !!!!! 😠😠😠

  6. Relax it's his bird he's lived with probably all its life. When you have a parrot you know they're so smart that you don't treat them like dumb animals they have their own personality and like to be played with. They might not hate their owner but regardless bite them in some cases

  7. Why the hell are you doing this to your bird? You're only teaching him to bite!!! Every time he bites you and you yell, laugh, and make a big deal about it your bird is getting the reaction he wants-attention! This only teaches him more and more each time you do it that if he bites people he'll get attention…

    You should not have a beautiful Amazon like this, you don't deserve him, and he deserves so much better. What you're doing in this video that you've so arrogantly published to YouTube is abusing your bird. I hope you lose him and he is adopted by a loving person that knows about parrots.

  8. Your a tool it breaks my heart to see yet another gobshite putting a video on youtube of them what they think is funny what is actually animal cruelty!!
    Your an absolute jerk off

  9. Stop abusing the poor thing. She doesn't want you to do that and you're emotionally abusing her. A bite means "back away, not right now." You shouldn't own a parrot. They are EXTREMELY emotional creatures and VERY VERY intelligent.

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