Turning My Condo Into a Jungle For My Parrot | Vlog #267

Click here to SUBSCRIBE: This #AfricanGrey #parrot has taken over my life, and now my living space. I’m totally ok with it though …

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29 thoughts on “Turning My Condo Into a Jungle For My Parrot | Vlog #267

  1. Ligaya WILL love the branches and wood toys, and all the enrichment you are providing for her. Mikey, Watching your videos of you interacting with Ligaya and how much you are respecting her and putting in an incredible amount of effort and affection to her care is so nice to see, I've caught myself with tears in my eyes a few times (happy tears) watching your videos, and I am not quick to become emotional, I really can't with my job or it would be too overwhelming all the time. Today I dealt with a 45 year old umbrella cockatoo who had been re-homed more times than I could count, and because of that she had started overplucking so much that she was constantly wounded, she was neurological and "head-spinning". She was in such terrible shape and I had tried to place her with someone I knew who could care for her and hoped she may stop her neurotic ways. Unfortunately it didn't work, and this morning I ended up having to euthanize her in order to put her out of her pain and misery. It was one of my toughest cases I've dealt with, with a bird. Today your video was a bit of therapy for me, it helped me to assure myself that I made the right choice this morning with this bird. I have also decided to approach my city council in order to put some laws into place for owning large parrots, needing them to be registered in a database, and monitored in home in order to prevent so many re-homings, and in order to recognise signs of neglect early on before a bird can become so mentally ill! I wanted to thank you for being such an amazing bird owner, it makes me remember that there are people out there who do care for their parrots a lot! Which I sometimes find myself questioning after long days at work dealing with difficult situations . So, Thanks!

  2. Hahahaha! Ligaya is super malikot na talaga! She's really happy about her sanga (branch)😂 but Mikey u r so hyper too😂😂😂 pakulitan at palikutan na lang kayo ni Ligaya.😁

  3. Oh man that is a long drive. That is like from me to my sisters house in Ohio. Oh my!
    I love it when Ligaya snuggles up to her hedgehog and its almost like she is suckling on it like a dog does to a snuggle toy. My daughter has a tiny Australian shepherd and he suckled his stuffed toys when he's sleepy <3
    Big girl…spiderbird all over her cage! Rescued by Daddy <3 I love how you rearrange for her <3
    Just give me food DAD ..LOL
    Take over Ligaya … its what kids do <3
    I want it, I dont want it, I want it, I dont want it..LOL

    Cook the stump in the oven on the lowest setting like 170 degree f for at least 1 hour… will kill bugs. We used to do that with sand we would bring home for ornaments and also for pinecones. Just make sure to put it in a pan with tin foil under as the sap will seep out.

    You are going to have to Birdie proof everything very soon. <3
    She makes a sound to mimic you when you make the kissy sound!!!
    She pooed Yay. WOWOWOW She can get out of her cage quick now!
    See you in the mirror! LOL

  4. Be careful with wall of mirrors many birds have flown into them and injured themselves. Best to put some kind of stripe on them that look like bars that will keep your bird from crashing into it.

  5. Be careful decorating ur birds cage. A lot of Christmas decorations r not parrot safe some even toxic to them. Im not saying dont, by all means go for it. Christmas decorations r the best and my fave time of the year. Im just saying be careful what u do put on it.

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