Talking parrot Minu

Minu speaks continuously whatever it knows.

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14 thoughts on “Talking parrot Minu

  1. I saw ma'am. your other videos. I was suprise to see the parrot hair grown.thats why I texted you but it's already six months. the tail is not grown an inch and the bird looks feathers very dirty. I will also give bath for it but I wanted to know that should I give any vitamin tonic or ointment for the hair growth because to my knowledge this is due to vitamin deficiency that the hair might fall off.if I am wrong please correct me. Do I have to give any special food for my bird to look healthy? Kindly reply.

  2. hi I have a parrot of 6 months old. He has got hair loss on the head and tail is not growing. what treatment should I give to get back his hair and tail. He is an active parrot eating but has got bald head with few hair.i am worried. please help.

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