Talking Arguing Parrot

My lovely Yellow Napped and Double Yellow Headed Amazons. I put my parrots in a Box to move them,Tickle didn’t like it so he started arguing.

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34 thoughts on “Talking Arguing Parrot

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  2. I do watch all the Parrot videos I have a Double Yellow Head 32 years old and 2 African Grey's they are everything to me. I do have my favorites like Cockatoo Pebbles and another couple of Cockatoos like the incredible dancing Snowball, but I admire all the amazing talents displayed by the Amazon's as well the Cockatoos and other Parrots. Keep them coming

  3. Look this is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. I keep watching it and laugh so hard every time he says "and" and "uummmm". My african grey has conversations like this with himself when I am on the phone. Birds are wonderful creatures and they bring such joy to my life. Thank you for sharing this. It made my day!!

  4. God, I love this video. I have watched it multiple times today. I might be going crazy because I think I'm starting to understand a lot of what Tickle said. Mostly, he says, "No, I love her…um…and…(garbled)." I am probably hearing something that isn't really there, but there's no doubt Tickle is very opinionated regarding the temporary cardboard box situation.

    Question: Can any humans handle Tickle or is he utterly devoted to Nikki, the double yellowhead? It looks to me like he's completely in love with her and everybody else had better watch out.

  5. "Yeah! … No!  I… UM…"

    Edit: It just occurred to me today to seek out this video again. Back then I knew the parrot had just picked up mannerisms from how the people in the house talk to each other. I wonder if the parrot knows how to key off responses that are meant to shut down the other and assert its own point, or if it's just responding according to its mood and how it recognizes the goals of how people communicate.

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