Sleep “talking” baby Jardine’s Parrot

Our baby Jardine’s Parrot sleep “talking.”

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16 thoughts on “Sleep “talking” baby Jardine’s Parrot

  1. To the one person who gave it a thumbs down, what's not to like here? Cute baby bird, uttering things, being treated well and being stroked. Video is also short, so it's not too long. Conclusion: person who gave thumbs down=tool

  2. This is almost too precious for words…I got so choked up watching this sweet video that I'm crying…[I have SUCH a soft and tender spot in my heart for animals] What's sweeter than the innocent soft purrs, coos, & the happy little squeaky sounds of a content baby bird…

  3. It's too bad they don't keep their baby noises. :/ We have a black-capped caique who's a few weeks shy of being one year (12/3). He's a sweetheart, but I do miss all the weird little baby cooing and squeaking.

  4. She's not laughing, just making squeeky noises in her sleep. She's just over 5 months old now, and she still "talks" in her sleep, but only during her afternoon nap. I'm trying to get it on tape, but she wakes up when I try. Unfortunately she doesn't like sleeping on my lap anymore, but I guess they can't stay babies forever. 🙂

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