Part 3: My 14th Hatchday Celebration! – Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot

Einstein is celebrating his 14th Hatchday! June 15, 2011. The theme of the party is CORN! In this video, watch as he bites into a huge piece of cornbread and …

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39 thoughts on “Part 3: My 14th Hatchday Celebration! – Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot

  1. I love Einstein!He is so smart. I know as I have a talking blue quaker and a rescued budgie. The quaker is tamed and he flies through the house. The budgie is not tame and his story is quite sad. I want to ask you if you clip Einstein's wings? He doesn't really fly in all the videos I watched.

  2. This is pure entertainment. Watching this innocent bird is zillion times better than watching a racy, self-indulgent performance of a popstar. She is in cornheaven,I am in Einst-heaven for a week in a row in my dead-week prior to finals. Thanks Tei I discovered a beautiful way to enjoy life because of you. I also noted that some of earnings of her, like ringtones go to Avian research and to make lives of other birdies better, which is very nice of the owners. But is that Marcia in 0:15? She looks different. Love you and have a long life Tei.

  3. @kirstyrand1 Then you will need to study up on Parrots! Here is a great website for starters. avianeducationandresourcecenter. org (delete the space) You and your family should read the entire site. There is a lot to consider when adopting a parrot. It's like having a 2 year old child for the rest of your life.

  4. i am getting a AGP by the end of the year , becuase i have studied animal beahavoiur and these creatures are so intresting also , my family want me to have more self esteem in talking , so i looked in to it , i know what it takes to look after one and i am looking foward to a compaion of 60 years ,,,,, i am going to call mine RIO , 😀

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