Parrots Fight for Attention

There are some days when these two are just constantly bickering and squabbling allllllll day. Today was one of those days and i was just too sick to deal with it …

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20 thoughts on “Parrots Fight for Attention

  1. Hey what is the easiest parrot to train to fly outside like this? One of my favorite parrots ever is the male Eclectus so if i could train him to be outside like this it would be like a dream come true!

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL interaction between an owner and there "fids". I.E. that's parrot owner lingo for "kids" in case folks were wondering. My Senegal and Black-Capped Conure parrots play together VERY similarly to these two Macaws. And it seems as if Cricket my Black-Capped always seems to get the upper hand from Kia my Senegal even though she's twice the size of him…!!! I guess Pyrrhura Conures are feisty like that it seems as i've owned my fair share of them over the years. Among MANY other different species of parrots for that matter.

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