Oh Boy – A Love Bird Fell in Love With My Parrot | Vlog #265

Click here to SUBSCRIBE: I can’t believe it! An African Love Bird has fallen in love with my African Grey parrot! Continuing on our …

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42 thoughts on “Oh Boy – A Love Bird Fell in Love With My Parrot | Vlog #265

  1. My late father left a piece of land (agricultural) for me and my sisters, but I didn't really care about it because I was still a kid. Now that I'm grown up have become a gardening addict, I wish my sisters and I turned it into our own farm. Too late now, my father's siblings have already sold it without our permission. Anyway, I hope you can start your farming journey soon.

  2. Why are people comments below are about money? Farm is not everything money. It's the freedom of living in the big piece of land away from restrictions. It's the freedom to create your own world. Farm is very therapeutic. The animals are like human being that can't speak the language but they sure understand you and you will understand them. The plants are like life in the yards. You watch them grow. You check on them like babies. My plants, the more I touch them the happier they are. I noticed that people who loved to garden lived longer.

  3. YAY! Super excited. Yes yes yes! Chickens and goats and carabao! Lechon …Mmmm.
    I would not make any decisions fast. Take your time. I know you love your family and want a farm so badly, just be careful with your fortune. <3 Much Love from a mom and grandma.

  4. One thing about love birds is they are very loud, for a small bird it’s like having a big parrot squawking most the day… so if you can’t stand loud birds don’t get a love bird!
    Doves are a great first bird: not loud, can’t bite, great with kids, and can be very cuddly… I highly recommend the ring neck dove.

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