My Parrots Playing With Their New Toys!

I hope you enjoy this fun #parrot video of my #birds playing with their new toys. These are the toys I bought them the other day in the video I did about shopping …

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37 thoughts on “My Parrots Playing With Their New Toys!

  1. Hi Marlene, I just saw you in a clip on Corolin Petzholt's U Tube channel. It seems that at a birdfair recently a Cockatoo flew up on the ceiling 3and wouldn't come down. You 3and Carolin were both filming him as he threw a broom at it. Well the owner abondanded it 3and the bird has never come down. Dir the past 5 days Carolin has been trying to get him to no avail 3and she believes he has not eaten yet for 5 days now!!!CAN YOU HELPS? She calls herself "The Crazy Birdlady on U TUBE. THANKS!

  2. 🎊 Love all the toys and how every bird has his favourite. Vinny is just hilarious as usual, only interested in his boxes. Your feathered family have wonderful personalities, so unique & different. My hubby and son are now interested in seeing your birds interacting with u & George. Thk u for sharing with us. I so look forward to seeing your videos. Brings a lot of joy and respect for birds that I never had before. Love your family. Hope u keep up the great work u are doing with them. Big warm hug. From South Africa 🤗💞🌹🕊🌻

  3. If you get leather string and some beads along with a colord craft sticks put a hole in the center if the craft sticks cut the leader string and tie the end into a large knot put a bead on then a craft stick then a bead ect ect to the than give it to your birds and watch them destroy it they actually like it

  4. My cat does that all the time but he's a flight risk so we only let him out in the evening on a harnessed leash in out back yard . You could try getting some kitty grass for Starbuck's tummy too. Sometimes they get upset tummies and grass helps with digestion. Just a thought in case you didn't have any yet.

  5. At the bird sanctuary that I volunteer at they make the best toys that our parrots love to play with and a metal measuring spoon set is one of the toys attached to one of the bird cages.
    At the bird sanctuary, they call me the Cockatoo whisperer because all of the Cockatoo's even the biter Cockatoo's step up on me and cuddle with me.
    I, just found a very big beautiful bird cage for free on Craigslist, so I am going to start adopting a few of our parrots that were abused and neglected. Adopt DON'T shop 😁

  6. Well one thing is for sure, is all your birds sure look healthy and happy.. 5 very well mannered birds.. So good going to You and to George and to Genna. We can't forget Genna. But I do believe YOU are the true bird whisperer. So whatever happened to your friend, did she save Merlin?

  7. Love Cody and his side long glances. And poor Jersey with her anxiety issues. Living with anxiety can be pretty rough sometimes. And that bumble bee sounding music you had for Vinney was so perfect! (:

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